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Simply Medicine

Sarah Miller, M.D.

Concierge Internal Medicine & Pediatrics located in Bellaire, TX & Houston, TX

The Simply Medicine Difference 

Welcome.  Simply Medicine is changing the face of medicine.  We are a combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics concierge primary care practice.  This is the first practice of its kind serving Bellaire, and one of only a handful in the Houston area.  

Our mission is to simplify your life while improving your health.  Dr. Miller provides state-of-the-art medicine coupled with patient-centered, personalized care for the entire family.

To achieve this high standard of care, we do not accept insurance.  By eliminating the confines of insurance, Dr. Miller is able to see fewer patients, spend more time with each individual, provide higher quality care, and radically change the healthcare experience for her patients.  She has the flexibility to care for her patients in ways that simplify their lives and improve their health, like offering free in-home visits for newborns during their first month of life.

With a monthly membership fee, you have unlimited access to our services, including telemedicine visits, extended office visits, zero wait times, and 24/7 access to Dr. Miller’s personal cell phone, e-mail, and text.  All lab work and in-office testing, including COVID-19, are included.  No co-pays.  No elevator music or phone trees.

Dr. Miller completed two residency training programs at the prestigious Baylor College of Medicine.  She completed her Pediatrics residency and is a board certified Pediatrician.  She also completed her Internal Medicine residency and is a board certified Adult Internist.  She is able to provide expert care for the entire family, at every stage of life.

Your time is valuable.

Your health is imperative.

Your family is your life.

You deserve a trusted physician who can be there for you the moment you need her.

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Pure. Simple. Medicine.

Pure. Simple. Medicine.

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