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COVID-19 Testing

What is the cost?

Free for members of Simply Medicine.  $249 per test for non-members.


Where is the test performed?

I will come to you and perform testing in the safety and comfort of your own home. 


What test do you offer?

We offer the first FDA approved COVID rRT-PCR test using the saliva collection method.  This test was developed by Rutgers RUCDR Infinite Biologics.  This process has shown to be significantly more sensitive than the nasal swab method at detecting COVID, including in pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals.   


How quickly can I get an appointment?

Same day visits are available.


How quickly will I get my results?

In 24-48 hours, the results will come directly to your e-mail inbox.


Do you test children and adults?

Yes.  I test both children and adults. 


Do you test symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals?

Yes.  I test both symptomatic patients, as well as asymptomatic individuals who may be concerned about a recent exposure or need testing for employment.


Do I need to be tested?

There are so many different sources of information out there right now, it can be confusing!  I distilled down the CDC recommendations into 2 concise flowcharts (linked below) to help you in deciding the best, safest next step for you or your family member, based on your individual circumstances.

Symptomatic patient

Asymptomatic close contact of a COVID positive patient


Where else can I obtain testing?

I believe that every individual should have access to safe, reliable testing.  The City of Houston has published a list of multiple free and low-cost testing sites throughout the city.  Please find this up to date list here:

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