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Newborns & First Time Moms Specialist

Sarah Miller, M.D. -  - Concierge, Pediatrics, and Internal Medicine

Simply Medicine

Sarah Miller, M.D.

Concierge Pediatrics & Internal Medicine located in Bellaire, TX & Houston, TX

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! This is an exciting and wonderful, while also overwhelming and exhausting time. Dr. Sarah Miller at Simply Medicine, serving Bellaire and Houston, Texas, is a compassionate, expert pediatrician, offering superior care for newborns. She is also an adult Internal Medicine specialist who can care for the healthcare needs of new moms as well. For your health, safety, and convenience, newborn visits for your baby’s first month of life are conducted in your home, at no additional charge. Sign up to become a member of Simply Medicine today!

Newborns & First Time Moms Q&A

What support do newborns and first-time moms need?

Dr. Miller helps you as a new mother adjust to having a newborn by answering questions about nutritional development and growth progression. She also offers advice and support for you if you’re needing guidance on breastfeeding or helping your child sleep through the night.

Starting your newborn’s life with Dr. Miller can give you the confidence that your child is well taken care of. She not only stays invested in your newborn’s health, but she walks alongside you, answering questions as your child begins to grow.

This relationship between newborns and first-time moms begins days after your baby’s birth.

When should my newborn see a pediatrician?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your newborn’s first appointment with your pediatrician is 3-5 days after birth. 

At Simply Medicine, Dr. Miller comes to your home for your newborn’s first check-up at no additional fee as part of her concierge-style practice and as a courtesy to you. She understands the newness of life and wants to make the transition easy for you.

You have the opportunity to talk to Dr. Miller and ask questions. Developing a relationship with your child’s pediatrician is key to helping your child stay on a healthy path of wellness.

What happens at my newborn’s visit?

When Dr. Miller examines your newborn, she checks the following:

  • Measurements
  • Weight
  • Neck and collarbone
  • Head
  • Hips
  • Reflexes
  • Pulse 
  • Genitalia
  • Feeding patterns
  • Digestive system
  • Sleeping patterns

In addition, she completes your baby’s growth chart, and it continues to update with each visit. 

This visit is not just for your newborn, though. It’s also a time for you to ask questions. You can lean on Dr. Miller’s guidance and advice to help you enjoy being a first-time mom. Getting answers to some of your questions can put you at ease and make this transition enjoyable.

At the end of your newborn’s exam, you should schedule your next well-child appointment, which should be in one month.

As a first-time mom, why are well-care visits for my newborn important?

Newborn care is always important, whether this is your first child or third. At Simply Medicine, Dr. Miller needs to monitor your newborn regularly and throughout all the years of growth. Recording your baby’s weight and height, among watching other changes, is imperative to ensuring that your child grows up healthy and well and is on track with reaching developmental milestones.

Call Simply Medicine, or book your newborn and first-time mom appointment online today to experience Dr. Miller’s personal care and expertise.